FORAGROBIO is established in October 2012, as a company for consulting services in forestry, agriculture and biomass utilization. A company is established after long term experience of companies’ founders and co-operators in consulting services provision.

FORAGROBIO offers services to domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations, institution and other legal or physical bodies which work or are interested to work in:

  • utilization of renewable energy sources
  • utilization of forest and agriculture biomass for technical or energy purposes;
  • forestry;
  • agriculture;
  • wood processing and production of wood fuels (pellet, briquette, wood chips, charcoal);
  • forest management;
  • management of small scale private forests;
  • certification of wood fuels (wood chips, pellets) and forest management; 
  • advisory and extension services for private forest owners;
  • forest inventory and forest management planning;
  • production of forest seedling, forestation and establishment of wood plantations;
  • forest certification;
  • wood products trade;
  • organization of nature protected area management;
  • scientific and development activities related to forestry.


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